Why investing in Quintana Roo?

Nowadays, Mexico ranks seventh in the most visited places all over the world, which is a great achievement that has made from tourism one of the main income and social welfare supports. Quintana Roo has settled worldwide as a touristic power, with an influx of over 15,000 000 tourists, same that generates an economic revenue of more than $15,000 million dollars (over 40% from the foreign currencies that our country gets).

It is the main investment and hostelry development destiny from Latinamerica. It currently offers more than 128,000 hotels and 2,700 restaurants with different kinds of food, coffee shops and bars. It is also the most important logistics Centre located in the southern part of Mexico; it is specialized in financial and business matters. There is an international airport with high aerial connectivity; there are direct flights to 170 cities, and over 1,500 cruise ships travels in a year.

Is the nearest zone from Mexico that connects with Europe, Africa, Central and South America, and also with USA’s and Canada’s East Coast.

As natural heritage it is perfect: turquoise blue sea, forests, cenotes, archaeological zones, underground rivers, the second worldwide biggest coral reef, international golf fields, theme parks, and others. For all the previously mentioned, Quintana Roo and the Caribbean have turned out to be the highest profile business, and international-foreign project investment platforms from Mexico. A worldwide ranked prestigious location; therefore, it is Exphotel’s official seat.

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Why investing in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera?

Essentially, these areas represent a Paradise of commercial opportunities in which the national and foreign investments take part from the region-company development. Cancun and the Mayan Riviera have been the most important touristic destinations in our country for 20 years now.

Why exhibiting at Exphotel?

Exphotel is the most expected meeting point for the following communities: hotels, restaurants, bar and discotheque owners; to share experiences which had been productive, business strategies, and cutting-edge solutions. You will find the best environment and conditions for the largest hospitality businesses.

Why attending Exphotel?

You will find every single solution for keeping your company’s competitiveness up to date, so as the cutting-edge information to upgrade in means of trends, strategies and techniques that have to do with the touristic sector. The visitor will have the opportunity of making business deals with start-up companies that come from Mexican republic, United States, Canada, Europe and Latinamerica.

Benefits of taking part in Exphotel

Direct interaction with executives who are qualified for decision making or that can influence it, best environment and conditions to consolidate large businesses in one single place. Promotion, demonstration, new product launching, resource optimization, time and costs in commercialization and prospection.

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B2B meetings, master lectures, seminars and workshops that are given by experts on the new tendencies from the present-day market. Networking cocktail. The most successful business event related to the hostelry industry in Mexico and The Caribbean.

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